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Hello again,

Not to  long ago I made a LDR. Here’s how:

To make a LDR I needed three different kinds of resisters, one LED, one LDR, and one battery snap. First I had to get a layout of the LDR on paper, then glue that on a small peace of wood. Then I had to drill small holes where the resisters, LED’s etc. would go. Then I had to place the resisters, LED’s etc., into those holes. Then I had to solder all those components together, and then glue them down. Then I took it to my teacher who gave me a 10/10!!!

Thanks 😀

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Hello, I am going to tell you about a steady hand game I made.

First I had to plan what I was going to do. Then I had to figure out how I was going to do this.

I decided that I wanted to do a character from the TV show adventure time, I decided to do BMO. First I had to draw him, then I had to draw him on a peace of wood. Then if I wanted to I could cut the out line of his body. Next I had to pant him and drill small holes in parts of his body.

Now for the tricky part, I have to solder on wires, buzzers, LED’s, and attach shrink rap. First I have to attach the buzzer and the battery snaps to the back of BMO with hot glue. Then I have to place the LED’s in the place’s where I want them, (I used them as BMO’s eyes). I then have to attach the wires from the buzzer and the battery snaps to the LEDs. Then I have to sand a wire that will be used for my steady hand part of my game. Once I sanded it I then had to shape it in a way that made sense with the BMO background. I then had to make the little hook that is used in the steady hand game. And last of all I have to place a battery to the battery snap.

Now to test it out!!!

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Stamps 2



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My Holiday


Hello again,

I am going to tell you a little bit about my holiday!!

On the first week my family and I went to Melbourne because that’s where my aunties, uncles and cousins are. We got to spend lots of time with each other and I even got meet my new baby cousin who came down from Canberra. We stayed at my nan and pa’s house because they were in Scotland visiting family.

For the second week my family and I went to our friends farm so we could camp and ride on our new motorbikes. Well, they were new to us if you know what I mean. I rode the CRF 250F Honda and my sister did too. My little brother rode his CRF 230F Yamaha he was so cute on it. When we finished our long day of riding we camped for the first time ever.

It was so much fun and I cant wait to do it again.

Thanks 😀

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Term 3 Report


Hello, this is a reflection on my term 3 report,

I  past all my classes at a very high level and I am very proud of myself. That’s all I have to say for now.

Thanks 😀


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I survived the first Semester


Hello to who ever is reading this,

I think I did pretty well on my report I think I will tell you a bit about it. I passed every think which is awesome, and got 1 ‘A’ on my report which is really, really good.


I got a ‘C’ on every think for English which is the standard for a year seven. The comment I got from my teacher was very encouraging and I only had a small comment on things to work on but all up I am pretty happy with how I am doing in English. I passed English for semester!!


I got two ‘C’s in maths and a ‘B’ for algebra, who new I was so good at algebra. the ‘C’s mean I’m at the standard but the ‘B’ means I’m above the standard, So Proud Of Myself!! The comment my teacher gave me was awesome, and I didn’t have any areas to work on which means I passed maths for semester 1!!


I got ‘C’s in drama, which means I’m at the standard which is awesome because I was worried I wouldn’t have the confidence. My teacher’s comment was that I’m more confident then I thought and that I work well with others, she even encouraged me to participate in as much drama activities as possible, and I’m pretty happy about that. I passed Drama for semester 1!!


I got a ‘C’ in Food, which means yes I’m at the standard for this as well. but I rely enjoyed food more than I thought. My teacher is also my tut teacher so I remembered his name very easily at the start, his comment was rely encouraging as well, he said that I should continue with making food and keep experimenting. I passed Food for semester 1!!!


I got ‘B’s for iLearn which I think means I’m a bit above the standard which is AWESOME!!! At first I was a little nerves because I never used a lot of technology and when I found out I did so well I was shocked, my teachers comment mentioned that I used the computer tools well, I didn’t know I was capable of half the stuff he wrote but the main thing is, I passed iLearn for semester 1!!!


I’m in the music program at my school and according to Emma I have settled in just fine and am playing at a great standard for my level of skill and I can tell you I’m loving playing in the band. Oh and if you don’t know I play the Trombone. I also did music for term one and I got an ‘A’ and a ‘B’ which is awesome!!!!



I got an ‘A’ in French!!! That’s Amazing, it means I’m above the average and I am so proud of myself. the teachers comment is that I’m able to listen to what my teacher says in French and understand it well, I’m very happy with how I did because I didn’t know I had it in me.


I got a ‘C’ in P.E and Health, which means I’m at the standard. I don’t mind I’m happy with my grade. The comment my teacher gave me was very encouraging and he said that I am a very enthusiastic, I don’t quite know what that means but I think its good.


in science I got a ‘B’ which made me feel pretty good. last term we had a science test and I got a very high score and that always makes me feel good. My teachers comment was based on how I successfully completed all my work to the best of my abilities.


I got two ‘C’s for sose which is pretty good and it means I’m at the standard. I’ll be honest I’ve never been good at this kind of subject but my teachers comment said that I was rely good with my projects and that I need to work on my spelling.











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This is what we are doing in Electronics.

It is to help us with our soldering skills. Basically its a square peace of wood with a peace of paper with coloured  squares in it. It is very fun and teaches us how to solder a bit better.

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Our Science Animal


This is our science animal it is a Schwepp

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Drama Reflection


What is a tableaux? when you start or end a scene with a frozen movment

What is exaggeration? when you make something sound bigger than it actuly is.

What are four things actors can exaggerate? Their movment, Their voice, Their gesture and Their Facial expretion.

You had to create a T.V. ad in groups-what product did you advertise?-What was your catchphrase?-What did you exaggerate?

We were selling small homes, our catchphrase was “Panda Bay Homes, we care for you”, and we exaggerated on how great the home was.



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Exaggeration in Drama


How did your group use exaggeration in your scene?

We used exaggeration in everything like they way we talked and the way we moved, so pretty much our whole scene was just exaggeration. 🙂

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